Mulch & Fertilizing

Mulching is the essential protection for your garden or landscape. When it comes to a healthy, successful landscape, mulching can make a big difference! Installing mulch conserves soil moisture, prevents weed growth, reduces erosion and also saves you valuable time in lawn maintenance. For the full effect, mulch must be applied properly.

Types And Color Options

Hardwood Mulch is the most commonly used mulch product and is usually installed at a depth of about 1” – 2” ( depending on location and personal preference). It will usually last about 9 months (maybe more), but can be longer with greater depth.

Brown Mulch is the most common color used for mulching projects. There are a number of other colors that are available (i.e. – Red and Black), but be advised that the color is derived from being ‘Sprayed On’. The added color can often cause discoloration on sidewalks and pavement and it also may not maintain its color for as long as you may expect.

Pine Straw is a favorite of many homeowners because if has a longer life expectancy, and the fact that it can add acid to the soil to help with plant nutrition and weed control. It can be slightly more expensive that mulch, but the long life may actually make it a better value.

Weed Mat is a porous synthetic material that can be installed on the ground prior to the Mulch or Pine Straw. As the name implies, the purpose is to prevent weeds from growing in that area while allowing water and nutrients to flow to the plant roots.

If it is laid too deeply or the wrong mulch material is applied, it can actually have a detrimental effect on trees and landscape plants. If you want to reap the benefits of mulch it is best to use professional mulching services unless you are absolutely sure how to install mulch. Many gardeners don’t want to deal with heavy bags and dirty hands, so Husky Lawn can take care of it for you.